Biking and walking are two of the easiest means of transportation. Is your worksite too far away? Consider walking or biking for part of your commute and make this your exercise routine.

To keep your bike secure, you can use the bike lockers at various metro locations for a small seasonal fee.

Bike locker information & locations

Ride the transit and take your bike along. All metro trains and buses have bike racks available.

· Metro Transit’s Bike and Ride program

There are dozens of bike lanes and trails spread out across the Twin Cities. You can buy a commuter bike map showing metro area trails, bike lanes, and streets recommended for biking. Maps are available to purchase at most metro bike shops.


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Join our collaborative new bike commuting program that rewards you for traveling by bike. Learn more.


Biking and walking maps

Maps we publish:

· Midway Biking and Walking Maps

· Downtown Bike Parking & Lockers Map (pdf)

Online Bicycle Route Finder:


Map from Saint Paul Rotary Club #10:

· Uniquely St. Paul - Downtown Walking Map (pdf)

Maps from the City of St. Paul:

· City of St. Paul Commuter Bike Map (pdf)

· City of St. Paul Biking & Walking Map (pdf)

Maps from Ramsey County:

· Ramsey County Bike Routes (pdf)

· Ramsey County Pedestrian Trails (pdf)

Maps from the Metropolitain Council

· Existing and Planned Bikeways -Twin Cities Metro Area (pdf)

Maps drawn by bicyclists:

· Bike routes on

· Bike routes on

· Walk routes on





Bruce Vento Trail Alternate routes to downtown

With Lafayette Bridge construction in full swing, the downtown connection to and from the Bruce Vento Trail can be challenging to navigate in certain areas. With input from local cyclists, Smart Trips has created a map highlighting some alternate routes. Download our map now.


Add bike parking to your location at a reduced cost

Bike racks

Both Smart Trips and the City of St. Paul offer cost-sharing programs for organizations and businesses interested in installing bike racks. Smart Trips staff can help assess your site for the best bike parking locations. Bicyclists will appreciate having a safe place to secure their bikes. Download our bike parking brochure to learn more.