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Events calendar

Here's a sampling from our online events calendar!

December 10

Winter Biking and Winterize your Bike Class

December 15
Summmit Hill Ped Safety & Traffic Calming meeting

December 16
Leveraging Community Benefits from Transitway Development

December 18
Public Hearing: Downtown St. Paul Station Area Plan

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Bicycles, the original vehicles of change

Just ten years shy of the 100 year anniversary of the women's suffrage movement in the U.S. (in which bicycles played a role), comes this spirited video following a group of newly liberated young women in the UK.

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Quick links

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Curious about how to put your bike on Northstar?

We love maps. Especially this one depicting the TC street cars system in 1933. more...

An iPhone app that tells SF planners where to build for bikes.



What we're following

Inclusive roads way of future - The Minnesota Daily

Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan nearly complete - Twin Cities Daily Planet

Como bike lanes coming in 2010 - St. Anthony Park Community Council

Report, petition call for safer roadway planning - U.S. Secretary of Transportation Blog

Feds propose to expand opportunities for biking and walking to transit - Streetsblog

Links between city walkability and air pollution exposure - University of MN

Remembering Rondo - Twin Cities Daily Planet


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We're a non-profit that improves access and mobility for those who travel in and around St. Paul.


Help us keep sidewalks walkable this winter!

Photos (far left, far right) by Andrew Ciscel

A show of hands please, how many of you reading this almost slipped and fell last winter? For all the things we do collectively to make our city a better place to live, this is one area that many of us let slip.

Whether you're young or old, with or without disabilities, keeping sidewalks free of snow and ice for yourself and others is a matter of transportation equity, and it's the law:

The City of St. Paul requires owners and renters to remove snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall from public sidewalks bordering their buildings or lots.

So we're confident that you all shovel within that time period, but what about neighbors down the street? Reporting properties can help bring enforcement to an ongoing problem, but it isn't an immediate fix.

That's why we created an informational door hanger that you can leave at problem properties to share your concern. Help your neighbors save themselves and the city some dough for the holidays - take some with you on your next walk! And of course, consider being a good neighbor and offer to lend a hand.

Take action: Use our map to find the pickup location nearest you


Ramsey County seeks input on bike gap maps

Active Living Ramsey County (ALRC) has produced new maps outlining gaps in connectivity between bike lanes, routes and trails in Ramsey County and is seeking feedback from bicyclists. The work has been completed by the diligent members of their Connectivity Team with the goal of identifying next steps in creating. a safe transportation and recreational bicycle network in Ramsey County.

Here's what they're asking you to do:

  • Look for incorrect or missing information
  • Find gaps / connectivity needs not on the maps
  • Comment on the importance of connecting the gaps

How to access the maps
We've created a Google map to help you find the section of Ramsey County that you're interested in. Click on a section and a dialogue box will pop up with a link to download a PDF of that section.

Send your feedback: Contact Connie Bernardy at (651) 748-2500 ext. 334 or e-mail



2009 Commuter Choice award winners announced

Jason Tanzman from Sibley Bike Depot (left) and Chad Skally (right) accept awards

Last month employers, individuals and dignitaries joined St. Paul Smart Trips and our regional partners in recognizing some of the outstanding work done this year in making the Twin Cities an easier place to choose options for getting around. Congrats to all nominees and winners!

Here are the highlights for St. Paul:

Sibley Bike Depot - Community Hero award
A non-profit community bike shop that provides space and training to youth and adults interested in repairing their bikes.

Chad Skally - Neighborhood Advocate award
Skally partnered with the Grand Avenue Business Association, the City of St. Paul, Dero Bike Racks and others to install 66 bike racks along Grand Avenue.

Linda Mainquist -Individual award
Her concern about keeping St. Paul sidewalks clear in the winter led to a citywide outreach campaign from St. Paul Smart Trips and the City of St. Paul (featured above).

Look beyond the red carpet: View photos from this year's event.



Why is this woman singing?

If you said because she found someone to commute to work with who enjoys her singing, you might be right (lucky gal!).

Something else to sing about is that during Rideshare to Work Month in October, Metro Transit's Rideshare Planner saw an impressive 37 percent increase in people searching for potential rideshare partners.

What this means for you is that if it's been a while since you looked for a ride match, the chances of finding someone going your way just got a lot better. But don't worry- if you're not as lucky as this lady, there's always singing in the shower!

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