Sidewalk Snow Removal

The City of St. Paul requires owners and renters to remove snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall from public sidewalks bordering their buildings or lots.


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Photo of doorhanger
Based on a photo by Sharyn Morrow

Get our door hangers

In partnership with the City of St. Paul and Councilmember Russ Stark we've produced a door hanger that you can use to let neighbors know about snow removal rules and resources. Download a printable doorhanger or pick up a stack to take with you on your next walk!

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Get help with shoveling

Senior Linkage line 1-800-333-2433 can connect senior citizens with snow shoveling assistance. Individuals with disabilities can get snow removal help by calling 1-866-333-2466. Your district council may also provide snow shoveling assistance resources. Call 651-266-8989 to find your district council or follow this link:

Find your District Council contact info

Salt & sand your sidewalks

The City of St. Paul does not offer free sand for sidewalks. Sand and salt can be purchased by the bag at your local hardware store or in bulk from construction material supply companies (i.e. T. A. Schifsky & Sons) for as little as $1 per 5-gallon bucket. Be sure to bring your own container (for reference, a City of St. Paul blue recycling bin holds 10+ gallons). The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) reminds residents to use salt sparingly.

Dos & Don'ts of eco-friendly snow and ice removal

Get green snow & ice care tips from the MPCA via the 9-Mile Creek Watershed District

Report sidewalks in need of shoveling

Calling in properties that haven't removed snow from their sidewalks can help bring enforcement to an ongoing problem but it isn't an immediate fix. Consider first leaving our informational door hanger to let the owners or renters know about your concern.

To report a sidewalk within St. Paul city limits call 651-266-8989 or use this form.


Adopt a stop

Responsibility for clearing snow and ice from bus stops and shelters depends on a few factors. Consider grabbing a shovel and adopting a stop near you, or report a problem by calling the City of St. Paul at 651-266-8989 or by using this form.

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