Our bike parking program



St. Paul Smart Trips offers a 50-50 cost sharing program for organizations interested in adding new bike parking, either racks or rooms, up to a maximum support level of $1,000 per project. In order to be eligible,

• Your business or organization must be located in the City of St. Paul
• Rack or rooms must be located on private property*
• Racks or rooms must follow bicycle parking standards
• You must commit to a brief post-project survey

*Except in special circumstances as determined by St. Paul Smart Trips

How it works:Bikerackrainbow

To apply for the program, fill out the form on the bottom of this webpage or call 651-789-1407. Once we receive your application, we’ll give you a phone call to make sure your project is a good fit for this program. If it is determined that your project is a good match for St. Paul Smart Trips bike program, we’ll set up a site visit with our bike rack vendor to prepare a plan and cost estimate which includes an administrative fee of $25 per project. Together we’ll agree to a bike parking plan and price. Then it’s time to install the bike parking!

In a nutshell:

1. Fill out application on webpage or give us a call.
2. Discuss project with Smart Trips staff. Result: conditional approval
3. Conduct site visit with bike rack vendor. Result: cost estimate
4. Sign contract with St. Paul Smart Trips
5. Install bike parking!

Did you know?

Almost half all personal trips are less than three miles – an easy distance to travel by bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why bike racks?

More than 8,000 bicyclists commute daily in the Twin Cities, and many stop for errands on their bike-commute trip. Providing a convenient place to park gives a cyclist incentive to stop at your business. Your customers will appreciate having a safe place to secure their bikes, and you’ll be seen as a bike-friendly business, drawing in potential new customers who like to travel on two wheels.

I am interested in installing bike parking on the sidewalk or on city right-of-way instead of on private property. What options do I have?

The City of St. Paul has a bike parking program to support these types of projects. See here for details.

What types of bike parking are acceptable?

Dero’s bike parking pocket guide offers an overview of acceptable bicycle parking and the important things to take into consideration.

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