Celebrate Carpool Month in St. Paul by Parking $mart and winning prizes

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It’s Carpool Month!

Celebrate carpooling this month and all year long by registering for our Parking $mart program and start saving half or more on your commute.

The rules are simple: commute to downtown St. Paul three or more days per week with two or more people in your car and we’ll pay for half of your monthly parking contract at one of nine conveniently located ramps in downtown, guaranteed through 2014.

Even if you are in a carpool now, you are eligible.

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Create a commuter account, win prizes

If you are interested in carpooling and don’t know where to find someone to ride with, try Metro Transit’s online matching tool. With thousands of people in the system, you may be surprised by how many people you might be able to share a ride with.

As an added bonus, if you create a new commuter account during Carpool Month in October, you can win $50 gift cards, a GPS, a satellite radio, a Kindle Fire or a Samsung tablet.

Learn more: Contact parkingsmart@smart-trips.org