Community Voices: New St. Paul bikeways and pavement markings

This post originally appeared in the November 2014 Bicycling St. Paul Newsletter.

A handful of bikeway projects are wrapping up, and with them come a few new types of treatments in the City of Saint Paul.

Wayfinding Sharrow

wayfinding sharrowThis pavement marking was installed as part of the Griggs Street Bikeway. The marking is a variation of a shared lane marking where the arrows indicate the direction of travel. In this case, the marking directs southbound bicyclists on Griggs Street near I-94 to turn east on Bigelow Street and access the Griggs Street bridge over I-94 using the crosswalks. This is necessary since Saint Anthony Avenue is a one-way westbound, and bicyclists are prohibited from turning eastbound to access the bridge.

Griggs crossing

rectangular rapid flashing beaconsRectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons were installed at three locations as part of the Jefferson Avenue and Griggs Street Bikeways. When activated, the rectangular beacons flash rapidly, alerting motorists that a bicyclist or pedestrian is crossing.

The installations along Jefferson Avenue at Cleveland Avenue and Cretin Avenue are intended primarily for pedestrian visibility and are activated manually through push-buttons.

The installation at Griggs Street and Concordia Avenue uses passive microwave detection, meaning no push-buttons are necessary.

bicycle detector pavement markingsBicycle Detector Pavement Marking

The bicycle detector pavement marking has been installed at several locations along the Griggs Street and Jefferson Avenue Bikeways. The markings are installed at signalized intersections and give bicyclists an indication of where to position themselves while waiting at a red light to be detected by the traffic signal.

To be detected, simply come to a complete stop directly on the pavement marking, and wait for the light to turn green.

bicycle left turn laneBicycle Left Turn Lane

A left turn lane exclusively for bicyclists has been installed on Summit Avenue at Griggs Street. The new left-turn lane will aid bicyclists traveling eastbound on Summit Avenue turning north onto the new Griggs Street Bikeway.

To use the new turn-lane, just be sure to use hand signals to signal your turn while merging across Summit Avenue.

johnson parkwayJohnson Parkway Bike Lanes

Bike lanes have been established on Johnson Parkway from Burns Avenue to Phalen Boulevard in conjunction with mill & overlay projects completed by Ramsey County and the City. Johnson Parkway previously had striped shoulders, but they had never been designated as bike lanes. New pavement markings have been added to the corridor signaling to bicyclists and motorists that the lanes are intended for use by bicyclists.

margaret street bikewayMargaret Street Bikeway

Work has begun on the installation of the 2.7 mile Margaret Street Bikeway between Forest Street and McKnight Road. Installation of the pavement markings is complete, and additional signage will be installed yet this fall.

Through the bikeway planning process, a number of additional elements, such as bumpouts and traffic circles, were identified for a future phase of construction. Funding for these additional elements has not been identified. The city will be submitting an application for federal funding to complete the additional desired elements.