District Councils, SPPD continue to ask drivers to Stop For Me

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As the Stop For Me campaign moves into the summer months, it continues to make an impact on drivers stopping for people walking at every intersection.

Through its first month and a half, Stop For Me has hosted 21 events throughout St. Paul. Through those events, St. Paul Police have stopped over 700 motorists and issued more than 300 citations for failure to yield to a pedestrian.

SFM mar 17 - may 31 events recap

Those 21 events have focused on intersections identified by community members as problematic for crossing, or in high traffic pedestrian areas like schools and parks.

Stop For Me was joined by Councilmembers Brendmoen and Noecker at two of their events last month to support our cause.

Despite our best efforts, Pedestrian crashes continue to be a problem in St. Paul. Through the first five months of the year, 64 pedestrians and 25 bicyclists have been involved in crashes, 62 of those have been injured and two people died while trying to cross the street. That comes out to a pedestrian involved crash every other day in St. Paul.

St. Paul Police have been updating crash information on their website all year.

Crash stats


The Stop For Me campaign will be continuing its efforts throughout 2016 to improve safety for people who use St. Paul’s sidewalks and cross our streets.

The campaign is organized by St. Paul’s 17 district councils, St. Paul Smart Trips and the St. Paul Police.