Envisioning the St. Paul Greenway

advocates_greenwaySt. Paul Smart Trips has led the effort to create a comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle greenway through St. Paul that will be a world-class, green, urban trail accommodating all users safely and comfortably. We convened a St. Paul Greenway Committee, which met in 2009 and 2010 to craft a working vision for the greenway. That vision was finalized at a St. Paul Greenway Community Meeting held in July 2010. More than 100 Greenway supporters attended that meeting, and more than 200 individuals have signed on to support the Greenway Vision.

Sign on to Support the Vision

Greenway history and current status

The St. Paul Greenway Committee was organized in August 2009 by passionate people devoted to developing a vision for a proposed extension of the Minneapolis Midtown Greenway across the Mississippi River east to Pascal Avenue and then south along the Ayd Mill Road Corridor, eventually connecting to the Sam Morgan Trail along the Mississippi River. (See map below.)

St. Paul Smart Trips worked to move the committee’s ideas forward. For several years, the city of St. Paul negotiated with Canadian Pacific Rail for an easement in the Ayd Mill segment of the proposed route. More recently, the city attempted to acquire the land through legal action. The city was unsuccessful in both attempts, and the project is at a standstill until a solution for this critical segment is available.

Smart Trips decided to disband the committee until additional support and clarity for the effort develops. We will continue to monitor the situation and will resume planning and advocacy efforts when appropriate.

Contact: Jessica Treat, jessica@smart-trips.org.