Benefits for Organizations


Both your company and employees have plenty to gain from supporting transportation options at your worksite, including:

  • An enhanced benefit package
  • Tangible and low-cost benefits employees will appreciate
  • Improving corporate morale
  • Reduced need for parking
  • Supporting the environment
  • Improved productivity
  • Effective traffic management

Tax Benefits

Supporting commuting options lets you take advantage of federal and state tax savings, including:

  • Corporate income tax credits (30%) for bus passes and vanpool expenses
  • Federal and state tax-free treatment of transit benefits, up to specified limits
  • Regional discounted bus pass programs

Learn more about tax benefits.

Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

Eight out of ten employees consider the commute an extension of their workday. A stressful commute seriously impacts an employee’s sense of job satisfaction and can negatively affect employee retention.

Employee Recruitment

The transportation network is an organization’s lifeline to labor markets. An efficient network plays a role in an employer’s ability to attract good employees and access new labor markets.


Employees that arrive late to work or stressed from the long commute negatively impact overall productivity and the quality of the work environment.

Land and Facility Costs

Parking facilities are expensive to construct and maintain, and parking shortages affect an organization’s ability to support continued expansion.