Biking and Walking

Have Biking and Walking Information on Display

Place biking and walking maps and resources in visible areas for employees, tenants, and visitors to easily access the best routes to the site. Also, providing information on safety, such as MnDOT’s Share the Road campaign or information on helmet fittings, can help ease the fears of potential bicyclists.

Provide Biking and Walking Information on Your Website

In addition to driving and transit directions, Google Maps offers biking and walking directions on their site. Directions are generally accurate and provide safe routes. Learn more.

For bicycling routes only, offers the most accurate route finder. It offers a combination of municipal- and user-generated data to provide the most accurate route for users. Learn more.

Provide Secure Bicycle Storage

Providing covered racks, bicycle lockers or an indoor bicycle storage room offers additional incentive for people to leave their bicycle for long periods of time during the work day. Short-term bicycle parking should also be provided for visitors. Learn more.

We’ve got options to help you pay for bike parking at your organization. Learn more.

Offer Showers and Lockers

Our research has shown that a major barrier for people biking and walking to work is that they do not have a place to change clothes or freshen up after biking, walking, or running to work. Offering shower and locker facilities not only provides incentive for these behaviors, but also promotes a healthy work place.

employer_nicerideNice Ride

Offer subsidized Nice Ride memberships for employees. Nice Ride will work with you to offer discounted memberships to employees to be more active and have another way to get to work. Learn More.