Have transit information on display. Place transit maps and schedules in a visible area for employees, tenants, and guests to easily find the information needed to access the building via transit.

Provide transit information on your website. Metro Transit provides a free trip planner that can be programmed with the address of your facility as the final destination and embedded in any website. Users input their starting address and are provided transit directions to the site based on the existing destination address. Learn more.

Google Maps also provides transit directions in addition to their driving directions. Learn more.

Offer transit passes on site. Metro Transit has several programs available that offer transit passes to employees, tenants, and visitors.

  • Super Saver passes come in either stored value or a variety of multi-hour, multi ride, and multi-day passes that can be purchased in any quantity. Learn more.
  • GoTo card programs exist that allow employers to manage fares for employees, but cut down on the administration of monthly pass orders and distribution. Learn more.
  • Metropass is a great option for organizations with 10 or more employees using transit. It is a deeply discounted program for unlimited rides on buses and the light rail. Learn more.
  • College Pass offers unlimited rides for students of degree-granting institutions. Passes must be purchased through the school in which students are enrolled. Learn more.
  • Student Pass is the same as college pass, but for high schools. Learn more.