Why Participate?

Money Rewards Health
Save BIG on monthly gas and parking expenses when you leave your car at home. Owning a car typically costs nearly $10,000 a year. ZAP Twin Cities helps you hang on to those dollars and earn rewards. ZAP your ride and you’ll be eligible for prizes like gift cards to restaurants and stores and great bike accessories. Bicycle commuting is one of the easiest ways to get in shape and be productive. Burn calories to and from work or school instead of making a special trip to the gym.

Where Can You ZAP?

Get ZAPPED at the numerous locations scattered around Minneapolis, St. Paul and the University of Minnesota. Stop by the Smart Trips offices to pick up a comprehensive bike map.


Getting Started

ZAP at your Company

1. Promote bicycling as a sustainable form of transportation
2. Tag bicycles and set up ZAP accounts
3. Encourage employees to ZAP on their daily commute
4. Offer rewards for ZAPPING!

Installing a ZAP reader

1. Choose a ZAP package and install a reader at your location
2. Tag bicycles and register users
3. Manage the day to day administration of the ZAP program
4. Offer rewards to the riders in your community

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The goal of ZAP Twin Cities is simple: More bike trips, more often. This program is a cooperative project of Move Minneapolis, St. Paul Smart Trips, the University of Minnesota, and Dero Bike Rack Company.

Get taggedget ZAPPEDget rewarded!

Learn more at ZapTwinCities.org.