The Basics

Finding Your Train

The Twin Cities will have two light rail lines starting on June 14, 2014. The Metro Blue Line, traveling between the airport and Mall of America and downtown Minneapolis, and the Metro Green Line, going from downtown Minneapolis through the Unviersity of Minnesota, along University Avenue to downtown St. Paul. Check out our resources page for information about the Metro Green Line. Learn more. Visit Metro Transit’s website or call a transit information specialist at 612-373-3333 for help planning your trip. You can even use Google Maps to plan your transit trips.

lightrail_basicsFinding Your Station

The Metro Green Line will have 21 stops bewteen Union Depot in St. Paul and Target Field in Mminneapolis when it opens in June, most of which are about half a mile apart. Finding your stop along the line is as easy as finding the major intersection that serves you best along Universtiy Avenue.


Local buses and light rail trains cost $2.25 during the morning and afternoon rush hour and $1.75 at all other times. Your transfer ticket, good for up to 2.5 hours, is included in the fare. There are special rates available for youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and Medicare cardholders. Before you pay, tell the driver if you qualify for one of these rates. Learn more.

Paying Your Fare

There are a few ways you can pay your train fare. Those without a valid ticket or pass are subject to a $180 fine.

Cash: You can use cash at all train stations. You can get change back at the station, but only in coins. Insert your payment into the ticketing machines located at each station and take your ticket. Transfers are included in the fare and are good for 2.5 hours after your first payment.

Credit cards: All ticketing machines take credit cards as payment, as well. Swipe your card at a ticketing machine to pay your fare and take your ticket.

GoTo cards: If you have a GoTo Card, Metropass, U-Pass, Student Pass or College Pass, touch it to the GoTo circle on the card reader as you enter the station or at any of the ticketing machines. Your transfer is built right into the card for 2.5 hours after your first ride.

GoTo cards are available to anyone to load fares, while Metropass, U-Pass, Student Pass and College Pass are special discount fare programs.

Learn More About Fare Options


Some trips may require more than one bus or train. Luckily, you can ride any bus or light rail train in the system for 2.5 hours after your initial trip with your paid fare. If you paid with a GoTo card, Metropass, U-Pass, School Pass, College Pass or SuperSaver pass, pay your fare the same way you did when boarding your first train. Your transfer is built into your card. If you paid your fare with cash, be sure you received a ticket when you paid to avoid having to pay for your next fare.

Getting Off the Train

Trains stop at every station. Stations are announced a few blocks before the trains stops—just listen for your stop and move toward the door as the train is pulling into the station.