Benefits and Rewards of the Bus

bus_benefitsTaking the bus not only reduces your impact on the environment, it puts some of that green back in your wallet. AAA estimates that it costs more than $9,000 per year to operate and maintain a standard-sized car for a year. When you leave your car at home—even one day a week—you’ll pocket the savings from fewer trips to the pump and less frequent maintenance. Plus, you’ll never pay for parking. An average commuter produces several tons of emissions each year, affecting air quality and climate change. Driving alone burns fuel and produces exhaust to move only one person. Taking Metro Transit or sharing the ride in a carpool or vanpool produces just a fraction of emissions per person to cover those miles. Buses and trains break up congestion on our roadways, moving people more efficiently. Buses and trains also free up space for other vehicles doing things like shipping goods or providing emergency services. Active transportation choices like bicycling, walking, or riding the bus or train get you closer to the 30 minutes of physical activity recommended for heart health, plus it’s a great stress reducer.

Get There Faster

Many express buses have the right to travel on the shoulder to bypass traffic congestion. Transit customers save between 5 and 15 minutes per trip thanks to shoulder use. In order for buses to travel on the shoulder, certain conditions have to apply:

  • Delays (traffic at less than 35 mph) at least once per week
  • Area is used by 6+ buses a day
  • Must save a bus 8+ minutes per mile in travel time

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