St. Paul Walks

St. Paul Walks is a city-wide pedestrian safety campaign comprised of a coalition of volunteers from across Saint Paul focusing on getting drivers to slow down for pedestrians, specifically at intersections, whether they are marked or unmarked. Learn more.

walking_resouces_sharetheroadShare the Road

Minnesota’s Share the Road pedestrian safety campaign provides materials, information, and resources for anyone looking to improve pedestrian safety in a community, school, county, or other areas.

Increasing awareness of pedestrian safety will help reduce pedestrian-vehicle crashes, as well as reduce the fatalities and serious injuries that result from these crashes. Learn more.

Guaranteed Ride Home

All commuters who ride transit, share a ride, bike, or walk at least three days each week to work or school are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. That means a registered commuter is never without an immediate form of transportation in the case of an emergency.

Registered commuters can request reimbursements four times per year or up to $100, whichever comes first, for eligible trips with valid documentation.

Trips must be a part of your school or work commute. Acceptable uses include leaving work due to illness or having to pick up a sick child, having to work unexpected overtime, or if your regular carpool is not available to leave when needed. The program cannot be used for personal errands, appointments, business-related travel, or non-emergency/personal trips.

Register as an Eligible Commuter

Car sharing.

Car sharing makes cars available for errands when someone uses biking, walking, carpooling or transit as their primary way of getting around and doesn’t have a car available to them. Individuals and organizations can sign up for memberships and pay only for the time and mileage they use the car. Learn more.