Issues with the Sibley and Shepard ZAP Twin Cities reader

The ZAP reader at Sibley and Shepard has been malfunctioning recently. This reader has had some reoccurring problems, and St. Paul Smart Trips has decided to take the reader down for maintenance.

The Sibley and Shepard reader is one of the most popular ZAP readers, so to reduce the inconvenience, Smart Trips will be temporarily replacing the Sibley and Shepard ZAP reader with the one from Kellogg and Broadway. The readers will change on Tuesday, August 29th, 2016.

We’d like to apologize to anyone who frequently uses the Kellogg and Broadway reader. While not a perfect solution, this compromise will hopefully inconvenience the fewest number of ZAPPERS. If you would like help finding the next closest ZAP reader, please visit

If the faulty reader at Sibley and Shepard caused you to miss any ZAPs this summer, please contact us with the dates of your missed ZAPs so we can credit your account.