Zaptastics Win Macalester ZAP Challenge

33 members of Macalester College’s faculty and staff spent October in a friendly bicycling and walking competition. Eight teams participated in Macalester’s first ever ZAP challenge. Macaleser’s faculty and staff members were challenged to walk or bike to the Macalester reader every day in October. Teams had the potential to win one point each day, with each team member contributing a fraction of that point. The Zaptastics, a four person team comprised of Tracy Arndt, Deanna Hiew, Melissa Ketter and Michelle Bitnery won the challenge with 20 points.


From left to right: The Zaptastics – Deanna Hiew, Melissa Ketter, Tracy Arndt, (missing Michelle Bitnery) with Well-being Program Manager coordinator Kelly Fang.

The Zaptastics won a free lunch at a local restaurant for their hard-earned ZAPs. Second place went to the Sizzling Bibliozappers with 17 points, and third place was awarded to the Sneaker Sisters with 15.20 points.

Macalester started their ZAP program over the summer, when they worked with St. Paul Smart Trips to install a ZAP reader at the corner of Summit Avenue and Macalester Street. Since June, the Summit & Macalester reader has consistently been one of the most ZAPPED locations in the Twin Cities. The challenge helped the Macalester reader gain popularity within the Macalester community.

“The challenge went great,” Well-being Program Manager coordinator Kelly Fang said. “We got a lot more users – we’re up to 85 now!  But the best part is, our monthly ZAPs went from a high of 214 ZAPs in September to 557 ZAPs during the month of the challenge!”

To encourage the teams participating in the challenge, Fang posted the weekly leader boarder in Macalester’s morning newsletter. Seeing the current front-runners encouraged the top three teams to keep their names on the leader board, and it motivated other teams to ZAP. The weekly email also helped get the word out about ZAP to the Macalester community.

The challenge may be done, but Macalester ZAPPERs continue to be active bikers and walkers. Although November is only half over, they’ve already traveled 1,060 miles and ZAPPED 136 times. Keep up the good work Macalester!