2018 Session Recap: Big Defensive Wins and Continued Threats to Transit, Biking & Walking

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity at the Capitol, with both defensive wins for transportation and missed opportunities by the legislature. Read more to learn how, with our supporters and allies, we were able to stop harmful legislation, keep an eye on threatening bills, and raise awareness on both sides of the aisle of the importance of walking, bicycling, and transit.

How I Learned to Love the “Parking Fit-Bit”

Investing in transportation options can be a lot more cost effective than building new multi-million dollar vehicle parking ramps. How we’re using technology and data-driven solutions to help businesses and organizations maximize the efficiency of their existing parking spaces.

Now, keep them up if anyone on either side of the argument used actual data to support their points (made up percentages do not count). How many winners do we have?

Transformation: Two Years as an Intern

As I look back at the past two years with St. Paul Smart Trips, now fused with Transit for Livable Communities, I’m glad I became a part of this community. This work has truly helped me evolve to the person I am today with their countless support and friendly smiles.

2018 Legislative Session Underway: What We’re Fighting For

Minnesota’s 2018 legislative session officially kicked off on February 20. Being active at the State Capitol is a high priority for us at TLC-Smart Trips. It’s a key time to unite around a shared vision for the future—and to push for change to make it happen.

Community Engagement Influences New Vision for Capitol-Rice District

Picture this. You’re at the bustling intersection of Rice Street and University Ave. A streetcar whizzes by, people pop on and off, visiting the local businesses conveniently located only a block away from the State Capitol building. Shift over to now. On the same corner you’ll find the Green Line Capitol Rice Street Station. The State Capitol still stands prominently in the background. Yet, except for the League of MN Cities building, you will find a vastly different landscape, primarily made up of surface parking lots.