Stop For Me is a yearlong campaign to improve safety for people who use St. Paul’s sidewalks and cross our streets. The campaign is organized by St. Paul’s 17 district councils, St. Paul Smart Trips and the St. Paul Police.

Events will take place at intersections across the city.

Pedestrians are 10 times more likely to die in a collision with a car than drivers or passengers are likely to die in a collision between two cars. In 2015, 40 pedestrians died in Minnesota after being hit by a motor vehicle; 900 were injured. In January 2016 alone, 22 pedestrians were hit on St. Paul streets, police statistics show.

To reverse this trend, Stop for Me intends to:

  • Engage drivers and pedestrians to be more aware at intersections, crosswalks, and parking lots
  • Educate drivers about how stopping for pedestrians is both common courtesy and the law
  • Enforce the law when necessary