The Frogtown Crew leaves their mark

FTC Mural September Blog Header

After three years and countless community conversations, the 14 youth of the Frogtown Crew ended their summer cementing their place as a positive influence on their neighborhood.

The crew’s final project this year was a community mural at 611 N Dale Avenue. Working with artist Krissana Mara, the crew created a lasting piece of public art to welcome people to their community and incorporate their passions: transportation, community involvement, safety and inclusion in their neighborhood.

The community mural isn’t the only way the crew has left their mark on their neighborhood. Between their four Unity Rides this summer, winning a Sustainable St. Paul Award, their nine block parties last year, having members joining the Frogtown Neighborhood Association Board of Directors, convening community conversations, Getting bike parking installed throughout their neighborhood or the Paint the Pavement project they completed last summer, the Frogtown Crew has done a lot in a short amount of time to make their neighborhood a better place to get around.

Hundreds of Frogtown community members have taken part in Frogtown Crew events and hundreds more will experience what they’ve left behind in the neighborhood. The fact that they are all high school-aged youth makes it even more impressive. As one event attendee put it last year, “These children are a part of the community.”

We’re working on what the future of the crew will be. Regardless of where things go from here, we’re excited to see these young people take the skills they’ve learned from this program and grow into strong advocates for their community.

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