Transpo news roundup 11/21-27

Here’s the latest scoop on transportation news from the Twin Cities!

Riders skipping out on train fares doubles in spots, Metro Transit says – Pioneer Press

All those little Car2go cars will disappear by year’s end. Here’s why. – Pioneer Press

20 Reasons Americans are Rediscovering Walking –

MN: ‘Pilot’ Northstar Link Bus Rolls Through 7th Year – Mass Transit

St. Paul Ford site gets transportation plans moving – Star Tribune

Danger Lurks Around the Corner at Summit Avenue –

Why Protected Bike Lanes Save Lives – CityLab

New App Turns Transportation Planning Into Addictive Game – Next City

Get on the Path to Happiness –

Americans Aren’t as Mobile as You Think: Best #Cityreads of the Week – CityLab

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